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Ingrid Sherman

I think Peta`s idea is great. People should stop killing fish. If you have ever seen a fish caught and watched it struggle to get back into the ocean, you would understand how cruel it is to catch them.

Michael Muno

There are lots of good reasons to limit how much sea food you eat. Many fisheries are on the verge of collapse from over-fishing. Even today the New York Times had an article on one:


Or check out this article about healthy coral reefs, in which it turns out that prey fish are scare and hiding, beset by hungry predators:


When I buy fish, I try to use the Monterey Bay Aquarium's guide to fish that are not over-fished. They have a handy pocket guide.


That said, PETA's campaign is so silly, that it ends up trivializing a complex and important issue. I probably should have ignored it, because now if I try to mention the crisis the world's fisheries are facing, my friends will just say, "You want to save the SEA-KITTENS?!?" Alas, the site was so damn funny, that it was worth shooting my principles in the foot.


PETA says: Fish > People

I say: People > Fish > Feces > PETA


PETA is the all time most stupid group of idiots around and theres always some hollywood wackos who listen to them and do stupid ads for them like ALEC BALDWIN and PAMELA ANDERSON

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